The smell of an oil-fried mix of paper and iron with earth sauce on it:
I smell it in a giant plastic bag taller than I am.

I hear competing mechanic noise with regular rhythm around and songs flowing out of the radio.
I approach the plastic bag cutting across the legs moving busily. Its surface is unevenly blown like a mother’s belly right before childbirth almost exploding. As I knock down against it with my whole body, the smell gushes out. It is thicker than paper, warmer than fish’s heart, smoother than father’s hand, and more diverse than puzzle.

                                                                                        From Juyoung Lee’s note
– Childhood experiences of playing in a leather goods factory


Just as abandoned leather was meaningful to me in my childhood. I believe nothing is unworthy and even a tiny thing has its own universe. That is why I am interested in alienated, abandoned, small and invisible things. The Oriental Philosopher Chuang-Tzu’s opinion helps to expand this thought further. Since a different standard of value applies to everything in the world, one standard cannot judge others. Therefore nothing is superior or inferior. There are only differences.

I am also interested in creating systems and identifying structures. I think that there are many different structures to describe all phenomena of the world, from the most trivial things to serious social issues. These structures are fluid so if one condition changes, it will bring absolutely different results. I work to find and recreate structures in certain situations or invisible things for its visualization.

Through my system, I am bringing confusion of values in the world. Time can be changed into water, brightness can be found in a broken light bulb and English letters can be played with musical instrument.