PROJECTS Project. One Summer Day

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Project _ One Summer Day

I participated in A.I.R(Artist in residence) program in Joutsa in Finland for a month, July 2014. There was not much to do in a small town, Joutsa. If I rode a bicycle, I would go further and be able to find hidden places. However, it was even far enough to visit a supermarket on foot which was 1.5km distance from where I stayed. The only activity I could do was that staying indoor or going for a walk around the residence. I did whatever my day made shorter but it was still too long to manage. Furthermore, the day light did not seem to go away even at night which made me confused what time it was and broke my usual time schedule what I should have done by each times, such as meal time or bed time. I checked a clock obsessively and I tried to fit myself in times. One day I was wondering what people do in winter time in Joutsa since it was dark all day. I was told that summer was bright and winter was dark and they did what they felt like. It was very simple but at the same time it was very true. They obeyed and enjoyed the nature but I was under stress with time which I created to restrain myself of freedom.

I was get used to chasing time and I was always nervous not to miss something on time. I realized that I have been losing how to enjoy being myself and think about life itself not to fit it in numbers. One summer day in Finland, I decided to throw my old time away then I found how beautiful trees were and I felt myself breathing for a long moment. I looked a cat chased a rabbit over the window all night, I stopped to watch small insects while I was walking and studied moving clouds before rain. I want to do a project represents the summer in Finland where I dropped my suffocated time and gained freedom. I hope that we get loose our tight life and give us a chance to breathe through my project.