PROJECTS Project. Comfort


I made a story about a symbiotic relationship between human and the sea. This story is based on my personal impression and imagination of the sea in Cadiz. I was wondering why people come to the sea side and get cheer or empty their mind. If it is true that we are born to be in agony and suffered according to many philosophers through centuries, I thought that maybe it is the reason why we visit the sea. I am going to share my fairy tale story with audience at the one day show.

Project Description <Comfort>

This time at Cadiz, I created a story about people and the sea, how they share their life and keep going through generations. The story is be based on my imagination which tells an impression of the speechless environment and life in Cadiz. It is not only a fairy tale story but also gives us a chance to think about being a human who has feelings and how we release them for the better life.

A French author Andre Malraux said human cannot survive without feeling pain. My life back in Korea and London was both very stressful and often thought of my life was unhappy and complicated. People looked all the same, not smiling and complained all the time. However, once I got here near the sea cost, I forgot everything as if the sea swallowed my mind and I felt so light. I have been very relaxed and amazed by environment every time I look at the view since I arrived at Cadiz. In this project<Comfort>, I want to share my experience with a short story to make audience easy to follow as if they read a fairy tale story at night.


Project <Comfort> _ Category 01. Salt Flower

I created a story named Salt flower. It is an installation work with sound.

It was itch and sore for the last few days and I found a salt flower on my left arm this morning. It has happened twice in this month since I left a job and my life got complicated. Although the growing process is painful, it is always beautiful to see, a sadly bright shine flower. I took a long hard moment to observe the creature on my arm then I made a small backpack to leave.

The sea was peaceful as people feed the monster on salt flower often these days. It is a promise that the well fed monster under the sea will keep the sea quiet. I broke off the dazzling flower and it dropped some of snowy white salt while its body was shivering. I knew I would feel much better after throwing it into the sea but some reason I found that this was the hardest moment.

My sadness will grow again like hair or nail does then I will cut it off when the time comes. After that I will get happier and keep the see calm.



Project <Comfort> _ Category 02. Dear. Sea

There was a ferry disaster in South Korea on April this year. 304 people died on a sinking ship. Most of victims were teenagers from a school trip and still some bodies have not been found yet. The whole nation is still in a deep grief. When I look at the sea in Cadiz because it is so beautiful and calm, I have mixed feeling with sad and peace after what happened in Korea.

As the same manor of the salt flower story, I want to make 304 post cards to the calm and peaceful sea and wishing that the young sprits finally found their comfort. Not only for the death but also I hope that we all send our own grief and sorrow to the sea. As if the sea monster really existed, eating our sadness and keep the sea quiet.