PROJECTS Project. Comfort _ Salt Flower

크기변환_20141218_214050Audience at the exhibition

<comfort-salt flower> 2014. Installation a.p 6x3x1.5(m) Knitting wool, salt, thread

<comfort-a salt flower and the sea monster> 2014. Digital sound. 03’00″

<comfort-a salt flower and the sea monster> 2014. Reading performance

<Reading text>

It was itch and sore for the last few days and I found a salt flower on my left arm this morning. It has happened twice in this month since I left a job and my life got complicated. Although the growing process is painful, it is always beautiful to see, a sadly bright shine flower. I took a long hard moment to observe the creature on my arm then I made a small backpack to leave.

The sea was peaceful as people feed the monster on salt flower often these days. It is a promise that the well fed monster under the sea will keep the sea quiet. I broke off the dazzling flower and it dropped some of snowy white salt while its body was shivering. I knew I would feel much better after throwing it into the sea but some reason I found that this was the hardest moment.

My sadness will grow again like hair or nail does then I will cut it off when the time comes. After that I will get happier and keep the see calm.

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