PROJECTS Project. Comfort _ Dear Sea


<Comfort-Dear sea> 2014. 260×310(cm). water colour on 304 papers, Vinyl curtain, a fan

Project <Comfort> _ Category 02. Dear. Sea

There was a ferry disaster in South Korea on April this year. 304 people died on a sinking ship. Most of victims were teenagers from a school trip and still some bodies have not been found yet. The whole nation is still in a deep grief. When I look at the sea in Cadiz because it is so beautiful and calm, I have mixed feeling with sad and peace after what happened in Korea.

As the same manor of the salt flower story, I want to make 304 post cards to the calm and peaceful sea and wishing that the young spirits finally found their comfort. Not only for the death but also I hope that we all send our own grief and sorrow to the sea. As if the sea monster really existed, eating our sadness and keep the sea quiet.