PROJECTS One Summer Day _ Sound of Light

The <One Summer Day _ sound of light> is composed of two installation works and one sound work. I took 24 photographs of sky in every hour through a day in Joutsa. The photos of sky are printed in transparent films and installed on the left side wall. On the right side, the printed papers with the colour of sky in each hour was installed with digital colour names. Lastly, I composed a piece of music with the colour code of sky in each hour.

*I compose music/sound according to the Alphabet System that I created for transferring English letters into musical chord. However when it comes to number, it can be musical chord itself and I make a piece of sound with musical instrument.

<One Summer Day _ sound of light>

크기변환_one summer day

left side_ pvc, ohp film,  right side_ digital print on paper

Sound 3’32”, Installed in gallery BBUGALOW in Seoul, Korea, 2014

크기변환_sound of light_01

크기변환_sound of light_03

크기변환_sound of light_07

크기변환_sound of light_08

크기변환_sound of light_09

크기변환_sound of light_10

크기변환_sound of light_11